Viagra in Australia

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Viagra is a Pfizer company brand. But because of Viagra high price and great demand nowadays there are a lot of cheaper copies.


  • erectile dysfunction
  • impotence
  • other dysfunctions

  • allergic reactions to any components of Viagra (besides active substance there are some additional components: microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium, titan dioxide, lactose, indigo carmine, aluminum lake).
  • taking medicines, containing aid donors of nitrogen oxide (for breast pang treatment).
Viagra can interact with some substances, and often cause quite undesirable reactions. Viagra can also strengthen effect of some medicines. It is strictly forbidden to take Viagra if you take such preparations. Viagra overdose is also possible. If a doctor recommended you a concrete dosage of Viagra, don't take pills of a bigger dosage. Moreover, it is strictly recommended not to take more than one pill of Viagra per day. If you took a bigger quantity Viagra, visit a doctor.

Side effects: The majority of drugs have both contra-indications and side effects, and Viagra is not an exception. Usually Viagra side effects don't last long and are poorly expressed. The most widely-spread side effects are headaches and rushes of blood to the face. More rarely happen indigestions, nasal blockage and dizziness. If you have noticed any of these side effects, stop taking Viagra and visit a doctor. Viagra in Australia is considered to be dangerous.

Australian doctor found out that Viagra intake can lead to complete loss of sight. He announced about at least five cases of the blindness as a consequence of Viagra intake. Sight loss happens because of termination of blood access to an optic nerve. It usually happens to patients with diabetes or a hypertension.

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